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August 7, 2023 admin


Anvils are an integral tool for any smith, from hobbyist to professional. They have been used for centuries to forge and shape metal and have a long, storied history. But there’s one kind of anvil that stands out in particular: the Mouse hole Anvil.

A Mousehole Anvil is a type of anvil produced by the Mousehole Forge, a water-powered iron forge located in the Rivelin Valley near Sheffield, UK. The forge has been producing anvils since the 17th century and is known for its high-quality products.

Mousehole Anvils are renowned for their strength and durability and have even won a Gold Medal at an international exhibition. They are revered by professional blacksmiths and collectors alike, and many consider them to be the best anvils ever made.

Although Mousehole anvils look a lot like traditional anvils, there are some distinguishing features that you can look for to identify them.

The most telltale sign is the distinct company stamp on the side of the anvil. Every genuine mousehole anvil will have 7 words stamped above each other.

The words were stacked in the following order on anvils produced up to 1878.

  • “H&M”
  • “MOUSE”
  • “HOLE”
  • “FORGE”

Mousehole anvils made after 1878 also have an image of a mouse before the word “HOLE”.

Overall, a Mousehole Anvil is well worth the investment for any blacksmith or collector looking for a quality tool that will last a lifetime. The superior strength and craftsmanship of these anvils are something that simply cannot be found in traditional anvils.

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